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Ultimate Media Room set up.

Review for Complete Media Room design, soundproofing, equipment installation, acoustic treatment, sound and image calibration.

Date: March 22, 2020Written by: Anthony B.From: White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

I had big plans for my media room. I had just purchased the house and though there was a room designated as a “media room”, it was really no where near what I was dreaming of. It was the wrong shape, to start with, and had a support wall right where the couch needed to be. It had no AV equipment in it at all and to top it off, the house came with a tenant whose bedroom was on the other side of one wall and her kitchen on the other. I could hear our new tenant speaking in a normal voice on the day we moved in. Sounds like a non starter right? I ended up with the best home theatre set up ever! Every dream came true and even exceeded my expectations. How? It was the great team we had working on making it all happen, Headed up by Miro from Blue Home Theatre.

First of all, I have to give a shout out to the previous owner of my new house, Jerry and his contractor Caesar. When we identified that the room needed some serious construction including moving a support wall he simply said no problem and worked out how to do it. He brought in Caesar to do the work and wow, did he ever do an awesome job!! But it was Miro who designed the room and worked throughout the construction to make sure everything was “just right”. He researched everything there is to know about soundproofing and came up with a design, purchased all the materials, and installed the whole thing. I talked Miro into letting me get my hands dirty and he was patient and accommodating, explaining everything and answering all my questions. It felt like we were collaborating on building my dream together, and Miro helped me to make it real. His knowledge is that of a complete fan of all things Audio/Visual combined with the business sense to know the value of a dollar. Basically, Miro treated my project as if it was his own dream too. You could see him thinking about the tiniest detail and how to address it like absolutely every step and every piece of work was critical. From wrapping the power boxes in sound stopping clay, to glueing and stapling the base deadening sheets that attached to the studs before installing the silent clips. He confidently solved every problem and challenge that came up. Miro’s son came in to help out and was a joy to be around. I was almost disappointed when it was all done as it felt like our extended family was going back home.

I got everything I wanted. A projector that could do 4K movies while being able to play console and PC games, and both with brilliant colour and great clarity. My screen is 10 feet diagonal and almost takes up the entire wall but has just the right space for speakers on either side. It’s perfect and the projector has the ability to change aspect ratios from one button. It sounds like a theatre experience, but better! Clearer with the sound seperation so big, my small room feels like it just disappears and I am in the movie or game. All I can say is WOW! My wife still can’t believe we pulled it off and loves to cuddle up for a movie in our new space. My tenant is happy and doesn’t hear much at all even when we are watching the latest action flick.

I cannot recommend Miro and Blue Home Theatre enough! I got so very lucky when I ended up with Miro to help me make my home theatre dream come true. Thank you Miro, whoever gets you next is a lucky lucky person.


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Home Theatre Installation

Review for Custom built projector screen, Wiring, Projector and in-wall speakers installation, Sound and picture calibration.

Date: October 2, 2019Written by: Anna S.From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

 Custom built projector screen and in-wall speakers.

I could not be happier with the home theatre installation Miro completed at my home. Miro's professionalism, dedication and attention to detail was top-notch and it is apparent he has the passion for his line of work and that combined with his superior work ethic has left me 100% satisfied. From the consultation to providing the quote and ultimately the installation, Miro was prompt in his replies and very helpful with his suggestions.

Miro came in under budget and delivered a home theatre and surround sound experience that has everyone impressed. I couldn't recommend Miro more highly. He takes his time to get the job done right and has continued to be generous with his time in ensuring that I know how to use my new system. Thank you Miro for making my living room a destination for movie nights!

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Transparent, Knowledgeable and Honest Professionals in Home Theater Setup Industry

Review for Complete Home Theater Design and Installation

Date: September 28, 2019Written by: GDFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

When we moved into our new home, our media room needed setting up from scratch. We contacted Miro at Blue Home Theater and he came the same day to determine the scope of the project. After he evaluated our room setup, including figuring out which wires roughed-in behind what wall and how, etc., he submitted his thoroughly detailed action plan for our review. We were impressed with his transparency from the get go. His proposal included the list of products he would recommend, where he sources them from and even how much he pays for them, along with website links for equipment and devices needed. No guessing game or surprise elements anywhere along the way. We were able to verify the prices directly at sources and learned that he does not add any markup, which means where he makes his margin is from his services portion of the proposal only, which was beyond being fair and reasonable.

We had no idea what kind of equipment we would need, so many of those products he introduced to us were knew knowledge to us. For example, I’ve never heard of Marantz receivers before or AV Sound Authority subwoofers, not to mention their too technical specs that we would not understand anyways. Miro made it very easy for us to understand all those techy details and helped us to make a decision on which specific equipment to buy.

We’ve witnessed first-hand that media room setup process is far more complicated than I had imagined. For example, a 20ft HDMI cable needed to be fished behind the wall from one end of the room to the ceiling hole at the other end of the room where the projector would be installed. And after trying for hours to use regular cable fishing equipment we discovered that the cable pipe behind the wall had a 90 degree elbow at the corner, rather than 30 degree elbow normally used. This meant the stiff HDMI cable would not get through, unless we hack into the drywall, which would have meant we will have to repair the drywall afterwards. Then he improvised a genius plan that involved a ping-pong ball attached to a synthetic thread and a strong suction shop vac!

We had 100% custom screen done as we wanted to use almost entire wall as our viewing canvas without leaving any dead-space around. He is a “measure seven times and cut once” type of pro and everything fits with flawless precision. Surround speakers on walls around the room were installed with precise calibration too. Speaking of calibration, it was super fun and interesting to watch how all those different types of equipment are tied together to produce a viewing environment that provides completely immersing experience when you watch a movie or a hockey game.

If you are considering to build a media room, or just a projector installed to enjoy your favorite shows, do yourselves a favor and give a call to these guys. You won’t regret.

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