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Cinema sound and video system set-up and calibration.

Date: February 22, 2021Written by: Alexandra M.From: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

I have a huge movie theatre in my house that needed updating. It was top of the line 20 years ago when home theatres were practically non existent. The previous owners of the house were in the music business and built a professional recording studio and movie theatre in the house.
20 some years later the equipment needed to be replaced and everything recalibrated. I had other companies looking at the project and they basically run away or made things worse.
By sheer luck I found Miro from Blue Home Theatre. When he saw the vast sea of cables even he was scratching his head how to make it work. But he said he will need some time to think about it. After two days he called back with an idea. He explained what he was proposing and we agreed to go ahead. Once he had the equipment he went to work and was done in a day and half. The result is beyond master piece. The equipment is super easy to operate which is important to me . I am not too technical.
Miro is personable, efficient, clean , knowledgeable, sooo passionate about his work it rubs on you. Also offers endless support, any question is answered immediately.
I would recommend him without any hesitation if you are shopping for the right guy in this business . And Miro thank you a million again