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Home Theatre Installation with acoustic treatment.

Date: May 8, 2022Written by: Stanley R.From: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Miro’s knowledge of home theatre installation is so impressive . I would recommend him to anybody who is looking for a professional caliber home theatre installation,and may not be sure where to start.Those who want to improve the quality of their existing home theatre should also consider Miro’s quality service.He built my home theatre in 2015 and since than,he improved significantly not only components of my surround equipment but also applied so called acoustic treatment, which enormously helped with music and sound perception of this place.It’s unbelievable what kind of music quality I can enjoy listening to my huge collection of surround CDs and Blu-rays in my 9.2 set-up. He's truly a perfectionist which is exactly what you want when booking a service like this,and he takes much pride in his work.He is polite, friendly and professional; on time; diligent in completing tedious jobs; offer helpful suggestions; able to problem solve; and stay until the customer is 100-percent satisfied. Look no further! This is the guy you want to hire! I wouldn't recommend anyone else.