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Blue Home Theatre Testimonial

Review for Home Theatre Design and Installation.

Date: September 6, 2020Written by: Matthew N.From: , British Columbia, Canada

When I first connected with Blue Home Theatre, I was impressed with the promptness that my inquiry was responded to. Miro scheduled a visit to my house, and showed up as planned.
This alone was impressive to me;
as a homeowner that has worked with contractors in the past,
I am often surprised at how often both quote requests go unacknowledged, and scheduled visits are abandoned by contractors.

Miro showed up during COVID-19 with a mask on. This attention to safety concerns a new customer may have had furthered my appreciation for his approach to his business. When I showed him the proposed home theatre space, Miro went to work assessing dimensions, all the while asking me for insight into what I wanted. Miro quickly worked up his own vision for what the room could be and convinced me that some of my plans were workable while some needed to be revised. It was great to have an expert take the reins at the design phase of the project.

I received a quote and floor plan for the project shortly after Miro’s visit. It included list pricing for each piece of proposed equipment along with his very reasonable fee. The pricing was extremely transparent. I was afforded the opportunity to ask for alternate suggestions on the projector. Miro made great recommendations that were accompanied with new labour pricing for structural reinforcement necessary for the projector. Again, this revealed Miro’s approach to be one where he considered all implications before project initiation. I’ve had too many experiences where scope changes are blindly accepted by the contractor, only to hear about unanticipated cost increases after the project is well under way.

After the job started, Miro and his son Paul executed the work in a professional manner. When unanticipated hurdles arose, they involved me in the decision making process. At the end of it, they cleaned up the work site, and provided comprehensive training on my new home theatre system.

All in all, the experience was easy and pleasant. Miro and Paul only involved me at junctures that I would have hoped to have been consulted at. They handled everything else themselves. The end result was a media room that my wife and kids are ecstatic about. While the end result may have been achievable with other contractors as well, I do not believe the experience could have been as simple and pain-free as it was with Blue Home Theatre.